About us

Direct Dental Logistics is a family owned business developed by a practicing dentist to help other dentists gain access to high quality, low cost dental supplies.

My name is Blake Hardin, DDS.  As a dentist, who purchased a large practice, I came to struggle with the crushing overhead involved in running a dental office.  Even though I had healthy production numbers, my profitability was stagnant and trending lower.  After some extensive auditing, I realized I was spending a staggering amount on my dental supplies.   I did the typical price checking among the major dental supply companies but didn’t find much of a difference. As I continued my research, I was shocked to find out how much the major dental supply companies were marking up their products.  At this point, I became convinced that I needed to bring high quality, low cost supplies to myself and other dentists.

Subsequently,  I teamed with my brother Chase, a biology graduate from the University of Iowa, and we started Direct Dental Logistics with the goal of helping other dentists increase their profitability through drastically lowering the cost of their dental supplies. Being such a small company, we have a minuscule overhead compared to large companies with thousands of employees. Thus, we can sell products at a much smaller markup. We are able to use hundreds of different suppliers to make sure we get the lowest wholesale prices on bulk purchases in order to pass the savings on to other dentists. 

All the supplies we sell are the same high quality products I use in my own practice.  We will gladly send you free samples, so you can evaluate everything yourself.  Our goal is to save you up to 50% on every item you order from us as compared to the large dental supply companies.  By ordering your dental supplies through our company, you will free up income you never knew was available.  The amount I have saved in my own practice has been the equivalent of working one less day per week and making the same amount of money. 

Give our products a try, and your yearly income will increase significantly without working any harder or longer.  You don’t have to learn new procedures, spend more money on advertising, or hire expensive consultants.  You simply make more money doing exactly what you are currently doing. 

Direct Dental Logistics
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