Glass Ionomer Composites

Fuji II LC Capsules - GC America

Fuji II LC delivers quality material for all those conservative class III and class IV restoration, cervical lesions and root caries as well as other clinical applications.
From $156.50

Fuji IX GP Extra Capsules 48/bx - GC America

Fuji IX GP Extra Caps is the material of choice for minimally invasive restorations and offers the operator ease of handling and packing for a stronger final restoration.
Extra fast setting time - 2.5 minutes!
From $99.99

Fuji IX GP Capsules 48/bx - GC America

Fuji IX GP is an extremely strong glass ionomer composite with a 6-minute setting time
From $81.50

Fuji IX GP Fast Capsules - GC America

Initial set 3'35" from mixing; Final finishing 3'00" after placement. Easy to use and saves time
From $256.99