Alginate Products

Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb- MARK3

Alginate Dustless Fast Set delivers a predictable and fast mix for superior dental model fabrication every single time

MARK3 Alginate Substitute F.S 50ml Cartridges 8/pk

Alginate Substitute F.S offers the advantage of premixed cartridges saving time to mix and clean up ideal for use with all dental impression procedures

Kromopan Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1-lb Bag - Lascod

Lascod’s 1lb Bag Kromopan Alginate Dustless, extra fast in- mouth set time about 30 seconds.
color-changing alginate!

Supergel Fast & Regular Set 1lb - Bosworth

Supergel Fast & Regular set delivers consistent, predictable and detailed dental impressions for improved clinical results not to mention enhanced flavour for greater patient acceptance
From $15.49

Supergel Fresh Alginate Fast & Regular Set 1lb -Bosworth

Supergel Fresh Alginate features both fast and regular set premium blended dust-free formulation for more accurate detailed reproductions and greater patient satisfaction
From $21.95

TAC Adhesive Spray 3.5Oz 3.5oz/Bt - Bosworth

TAC Adhesive Spray delivers efficient and convenient can or brush on material for use with alginate dental impression materials

Identic -Kerr

Features a cinnamon scent with a creamy consistency. Dust free and antimicrobial
From $26.45

Kromafaze singles

KromaFaze Alginate FAST Set Singles 125/Bx. Dust Free, Color Changing, Mint Scent. Package of 125 - 18gm Unit Doses.


Alginate - Regular set or fast set , 1 Lb. Can.
From $18.49