Prophy Angles

Prophy Brushes Standard - Young

Prophy Brushes are designed with firm bristles great for removal of stains from teeth during routine hygiene clean or preparing tooth surfaces before fissure seal applications
From $99.95

Disposable Prophy Angles 500/bx - MARK3

This equipment shell is designed for ease of use. It has a tilted head which allows the hand and the wrist to work with less effort in comparison to the traditional prohy angles. This leads to less day in day out micro traumas on arm muscles. This equipment is 100% free from latex and no cup dropping is experienced.
From $182.50

Disposable Prophy Angles 144/pk - MARK3

This are patented 2nd generation technology that are meant to ensure that each process require one angle to finish. It is meant to run smoothly without overheating. The ergonomic grip of this equipment helps to ensure that you don’t get fatigued. It has less splatters and this gives room for subgingival access.
From $69.99

Perfect Pearl Disposable Prophy Angles

Perfect Pearl Prophy Angles feature colorful color combinations as well as maximum comfort for the patient and user.
200 per box
From $135.25

Denticator Combination Packs

Box of 100. Each pack comes with one denticator prophy angle and one mint prophy paste cup.
From $98.99

Fortis Disposable Prophy Angles

The Fortis Prophy Angle has been engineered to run longer and smoother with less chatter, providing superior comfort with less hand fatigue than traditional angles. Independent testing has confirmed that the design of the Fortis angle out-performed all other disposable prophy angles with respect to ease of use.
From $47.25

Young Slim Disposable Prophy Angles

Shorter in length and latex free
From $195.99