Unidose Hybrid Composite

Heliomolar Cavifill 20/pk-Vivadent

Heliomolar Cavifill 20/pk-Vivadent
From $94.95

Tetric EvoCeram Cavifil - Vivadent

Nano-optimized composite restorative. The unique combination of nano technologies in Tetric EvoCeram enables you to easily create natural-looking, single shade restorations:
From $99.75

Herculite XRV Unidose - Kerr

Herculite XRV unidose delivers exceptional durability in esthetics and function with a versatile range of shades for every restorative case
From $79.95

Tetric Cavifil

Light-curing, radiopaque composite for direct restorative treatments. Curing time of 20 seconds.
From $92.25

ProFil Unidose Hybrid Composite 20/pk - Silmet

ProFil Unidose Hybrid Composite offers the latest micro hybrid resin with exceptional physical properties and esthetics for restorations in both anterior and posterior teeth.
From $56.95

Filtek Supreme Ultra Capsule

With a wide range of shades and opacities, Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal offers excellent polish retention for unsurpassed esthetics.
From $59.95

Filtek Z100 Restorative Capsules .20gm 18/pk - 3M ESPE

Filtek Z100 Restorative Capsules a 3M ESPE product is a classic multi-purpose light cured composite for anterior and posterior restorations
From $79.95

TPH Spectra LV

TPH Spectra LV (Light Viscosity) is more spreadable and can be used in anterior and posterior. Great shade range and quality.
From $57.75

TPH Spectra HV

TPH Spectra LV (High Viscosity) is more firm than TPH Spectra LV and can be used in anterior and posterior. Great shade range and quality.
From $110.50

Esthet-X HD

High definition micro matrix restorative. Optimized nano-filler particle distribution provides faster, easier to achieve, brilliant and long lasting polish. Excellent fracture toughness and optimal sculptable handling for both anterior and posterior restorations. Consistently brilliant results with single shade or multiple shade techniques. Radiopaque.
From $65.75

Gradia Direct X Unitip Refill

Gradia Direct X composite has the same excellent handling characteristics as Gradia Direct, with a 60% increase in radiopacity. It incorporates a new nanofiller which blocks x-rays but not visible light; the result is improved translucency ideal for the most natural looking single shade restorations.
From $61.50

Beautifil II Composite - Shofu - 20/pkg

Universal nano-hybrid composite incorporating a stable phase of glass-ionomer for aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that release and recharge fluoride. Beautifil II responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin.
From $39.99

Omnichroma - Tokuyama

OMNICHROMA is the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite.
From $97.99