Reline Materials


COE COMFORT formulation offers antifungal, soft and comfortable denture lining to restore health to the underlying oral tissues

Coe-Soft Professional Pkg - GC America

COE-SOFT is a resilient, self-curing reline material that is used when the patient requires a soft, temporary liner in upper or lower dentures. COE-SOFT polymerizes in or out of the mouth in approximately 15 minutes. The reline will normally last for approximately 3 months.

Sofreliner Tough

Silicone-based automix soft lining material. 6 minute chairside cure. Exceptional durability and resistance to discoloration. Uses DS 50 or DS 74 guns marked 1:1/2:1 (same as impression material dispensing guns.)
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Softone™ - Bosworth

Softone offers a functional dental impression material to restore and condition damaged tissue before final reline placement

Examix NDS w/ Tips 48mL - GC America

Why would you look back when you have Examix NDS solution that can be used for multiple pours and has danger of bubbles because of the patented hydrogen formula. It has no slumping and as a result you will not experience distortion in the mouth. It has no taste and has no smell and it augurs well with disinfectant solutions.
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Kooliner Reline Complete - GC America

Kooliner Reline Complete - GC America

Trim II - Bosworth

Trim® II - Bosworth
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SoftLine Soft Reline Material - Kerr

Chairside silicone soft reline for full or partial dentures. SoftLine bonding agent ensures adhesion between the relining material and denture base. Cures in under 3 minutes. Uses DS 50 or DS 74 guns with 1:1/2:1 ratio (same as impression material dispensing guns).
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