Monoject Dental Needles 100/bx - Kendall/Covidien

Monoject Dental Needles are designed with a tri-beveled, self-threading universal fit hub and anti-coring butt-end point for all your routine local dental anesthetic administration
From $11.95

Needles With Plastic Hub 100/pk - MARK3

Dental Needles with Plastic Hub are made with a triple-bevel needle for less tissue injury and used in routine local anesthetic administration
From $9.99

Septoject Plastic Hub Needles 100/bx - Septodont

Septoject Plastic Hub Needles are single use triple-bevel dental needles with less chance of traumatic injury to the tissues
From $16.95

Accuject Needles with Plastic Hub 100/bx

Indicator with a dot on the hub to identify the needle’s bevel position, to ensure accurate, consistent injections. Universal, pre-threaded plastic hub.
From $17.95