Orthodontic Patient Wax - 50 Containers - 5 Strips/Wax/Container

Dental Patient Wax. 5 wax strips of plain wax per flip-open clear dispenser.

Orthodontic Plaster White 25lb Carton

Velvet-smooth models set harder than ordinary plaster making this material ideal for orthodontic casts and study models. Compressive strength: 6,500 psi Initial set time: 12-14 minutes

Platypus™ Ortho Flossers

Traditionally, patients with braces have to thread floss under the wire for every tooth. With the Platypus, a patient can floss in one or two minutes. Simply slide the flat, thin side of the flosser under the wire to effectively floss. Increases patient compliance. The other end is a brush/pick for use around brackets.
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Utility Wax Strips

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