Spa Dent Whitening

Spa Dent - Prophy + Whitening Paste

Self Adjusting Ecocert certified Perlite. Up to 4 shades whiter in a regular 7 minute cleaning. Use as standard prophy paste and your patients will leave the office smiling, looking forward to their next hygiene appointment. Use prior to whitening for more consistent results and maximum shade reduction. 100ml = 100 patients
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Spa Dent At Home Whitening Kit

Professional Strength Xyliprox™ Home whitening gel in a convenient 50ml airless pump. Use in Spa Dent or custom dental trays. First gel designed to also be used as a nightly toothpaste BOOSTER! PH Neutral, Silica Free, Lactose Free and Gluten Free ingredients that whiten, fight bacteria and remineralize. 20 times more gel than a typical take home syringe. A must have for anyone with Orthodontics!
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Spa Dent Custom Labeled Whitening Syringes 3.2ml - 50 Pk

Your Office Information and Logo • 20%CP + 6%HP • Individually Wrapped • 18 Month Shelf Life • Healing Benefits of Essential Oils • No Set Up Fee • Shade Guide Included