Ultrasonic Cleaners

Empower Enzymatic Solution 1 Gallon – Metrex

EmPower Enzymatic Solution is a gentle yet powerful dual enzymatic detergent indicated as a pre-cleaning solution for dental instruments prior to sterilization

Pro One Sonic Tablets Ultrasonic Cleaner 80/bx - Cory Labs

Pro One Sonic Tablets Ultrasonic Cleaner offer powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution able to dissolve the toughest debris that is resistance to chemical solutions

Coe Tray Cleaner - GC America

Coe Tray Cleaner is designed to remove alginate and other dental materials from metal trays and dental instruments.

Brite Shield powder 800gm - Premier

Pre-cleans burs and instruments while it protects from rust and corrosion. Removes bio-burden and stains fast - even without ultrasonic cleaning. Yields up to 34 gallons.