Prophy Pastes

Enamel Pro Prophy Paste - 200/bx

Enamel Pro Prophy Paste 200/bx- Premier
From $64.49

Glitter Prophy Paste 200/Bx - Premier

Glitter offers a great tasting, smooth, splatter-free and easily applied Prophy Paste in small cups for convenience and fast application
From $33.50

Denticator Combination Packs

Box of 100. Each pack comes with one denticator prophy angle and one mint prophy paste cup.
From $98.99

Nada Pumice Paste 200/box

Nada Pumice Paste contains no fluoride, flavor, or oils. Great preparation paste prior to acid etching for sealants, composite bonding, and application of orthodontic brackets.

Nupro Prophy Paste - 200/bx

A blend of polishing and cleaning agents containing 1.23% fluoride ion provide excellent stain removal. Unique splatter free formula rinses easily and completely. Gluten-free.
From $63.50

Topex Prep & Polish Paste - 100/bx

Topex Prep Polish Paste - Nonsplattering flour of pumice paste; Free of flavors, oils, colors and fluoride; Box includes: 100 - 2 gram Unit-Dose Cups, 2 Upgrade prophy angles and 1 autoclavable prophy ring.
From $43.99

MI Paste Plus w/ Flouride

Sugar-free topical paste containing a special blend of polishing, cleaning and dentin tubule sealing agents. The active ingredient Recaldentâ„¢ (CPP-ACP) binds bio-available calcium and phosphate ions to tooth surfaces, plaque and surrounding soft tissue. Under acidic conditions, Recaldent buffers plaque acid and reduces sensitivity. For use in the dental office or at home to combat demineralization and assist in caries prevention. Contains Xylitol. Contains 900 ppm fluoride ions (0.2% sodium fluoride); for children 6 years of age and older.
From $159.75

D-Lish Prophy Paste 200/bx

Pumice-based formula for reduced splatter and better stain removal. Prophy paste is color-coded by grit (coarse is red; medium is green). Contains fluoride.
From $59.89