Packing Material

CoePak Hard & Fast - GC America

CoePak Hard & Fast non-eugenol formulation delivers quick and ready to use adaptable oral surgical dressing for uneventful healing of oral wounds

Coe-Pack Automix - GC America

GC America COE-PACK Automix eugenol-free time saving surgical dressing

Coe-Pak Regular - GC America

Coe-Pak Regular dental dressing offers excellent wound protection and healing following surgical and periodontal procedures

Foundation Bone Filling Material - J. Morita

Foundation™ is a collagen-based bone filling augmentation material for use in the filling of extraction sockets after teeth extractions. It provides support for implants, bridges and dentures.
From $440.00

Bioviva Hemostatic Dressing Gauze

Hemostatic Dressing Gauze in most situations will quickly stop bleeding and promotes wound healing. It is Cost effective, pre-cut, easy to use and apply as well as bio-absorbable.