Gingi Pak Soft Twist #1 w/Epi

Gingi Pak Soft Twist with epinephrine is a high quality, easy to pack, very absorbent and adaptable retraction cord suitable for all clinical applications.
From $11.95

Gingi-Pak MAX Z-Twist

Gingi-Pak MAX Z-Twist retraction cord is tightly woven combining ease of handling and packing characteristics to improve visibility and efficiency for the operator
From $11.95

Knit Pak Retraction Cord - Premier

Knit Pak Retraction Cord is available as a non-impregnated tangle free and super absorbent packing cord for efficient use in tissue management during impression procedures
From $11.25

GingiBRAID+ Aluminum Sulfate - Kerr

Braided cotton fiber specially treated for faster absorption. Braids have a background color (for medicament identification) and a second color to identify diameter. 72" per bottle.
From $17.20

GingiKNIT+ Aluminum Sulfate - Kerr

Knitted retraction yarn that conforms to sulcular anatomy with gentle outward force. Places easily without fraying or memory and will not “pop-out” of the sulcus. 72" per bottle.
From $15.20

UniBraid+ - Aluminum Sulfate

UniBraid+ packets contain one pre-cut, 2" length of GingiBraid+ dental retraction cord that is impregnated and dried with a solution of approximately 8% racemic epinephrine (a vasoconstrictor) and 7% aluminum potassium sulfate (an astringent).
From $17.20

Sil-Trax EPI - Braided

Sil-Trax Epi Retraction Cord Braided Impregnated Racemic Epinephrine
From $12.99