Cavity Liners & Bases

Dycal - Dentsply

This material is used for cavity lining and pulp protection. It protects the pulp and promotes the dentin to ensure good performance. It stays in place where needed making at the same time it is easy to place. It is available in two versions the self-cure and the visible light cure.
From $55.95

ProBase Liner/Base - Silmet

ProBase Liner/Base is a light-cured glass ionomer dental base ideal for use to protect dentin as a luting cement

Cavity Liner Liquid -Pulpdent

Pulpdent Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liner and Pulp Protector offers biological, chemical and physical protection.

Lime-Lite Light Cure Cavity Liner - Pulpdent

Lime-Lite Light Cure Cavity Liner offers special formulation delivering active minerals to stimulate secondary dentine and prevent caries formation when bonded to restorations.
From $28.95

Multi-Cal - Pulpdent

Multi-Cal is suitable as cavity liner, indirect pulp cap as well as calcium hydroxide for root canal treatment procedures

Variolink II Base-Vivadent

Variolink II Base paste is a component of dual-cured widely popular luting cement for direct bonding of ceramics and composite dental restorations
From $59.95

Variolink II Cataylst-Vivadent

Variolink II Catalyst is one of the two components of the dual-cured widely popular luting cement system Variolink II used in cementation of ceramics and composite dental restorations
From $59.95

Ultra-Blend® plus

4 x 1.2ml Dentin syringes. Ultra-Blend plus is a self adhesive to be used as aBioactive liner and pulp-capping material prior to placement of restorative materials. It is also light-activated. Great product and easy to work with

Timeline Base/Liner - Refill package, 4g tube

Light-cure base/liner provides time savings. Consistent long-term fluoride release. Chemically bonds to dentin.