Enamel Pro Varnish 200/bx -Premier

This is the only varnish that is dedicated to deliver amorphous calcium phosphate. In comparison to the transparent varnish ACP delivers 4 times more fluoride into the enamel. Enamel Pro Varnish is easy to use and offers a nice aesthetic appearance, you just need an applicator brush.
From $305.99

Enamel Pro Varnish 35/bx- Premier

Remineralize Enamel and Dentin with Premier Dental Enamel Pro Varnish
From $70.95

Flouride Varnish 50/bx - MARK3

5% sodium based fluoride varnish that provides a strong desensitizing action when applied to enamel and dentin surfaces
From $42.99

MI Varnish w/ Recaldent - 50/bx

5% sodium fluoride varnish with Recaldent™ (CPP-ACP) binds bio-available calcium and phosphate ions to tooth surfaces and promotes high fluoride release. Smooth application. Dries clear. Indicated for the treatment of hypersensitive teeth.
From $118.99

Vanish™ White Varnish

Vanish White Varnish relieves sensitivity, and contains 22,600 ppm fluoride. Covers and occludes open tubules for immediate relief. The innovative TCP (tri-calcium phosphate) component works with Vanish to deliver phosphate and calcium for greater protection.
From $119.99

Vella Varnish

A smooth, 5% NaF varnish with Xylitol that creates a thin-layer application in just seconds. Contains 22,600 ppm fluoride. Enhanced bristle brush allows for a faster, clump-free application, with less mess. Dries to a natural tooth color.
From $161.25

Durashield® CV Clear Varnish

5% sodium fluoride colorless varnish provides optimal fluoride release in just 2 hours, so patients can resume their normal activities sooner. Non-drip formula applies smoothly in a thin application. Can be readily applied in a wet field. Fluoride ions occlude dentinal tubules to help treat symptoms of hypersensitivity.
From $94.18