Surface Barriers

Full Chair Plastic Sleeves 29x80

Cargus 29x80 Full Dental Chair 29x80 Plastic Sleeves reduce expensive dental chair wear and tear.

Half Chair Covers Plastic 27.5x24" - 225/pk

Half Chair Covers Plastic provides great protection and longer life for your dental chair improving infection control and patient comfort

Headrest Cover Poly - 10x13 - 500/Ca - Crosstex

Dental Headrest Cover by Crosstex provides highly absorbent and strong infection control protection for your dental chair headrest
From $69.95

Headrest Covers Paper White 500/bx. - Unipack

Features a poly backing and textured tissue outer covering. They are comfortable, disposable, & fluid resistant.
From $59.95

Air Water Syringe Sleeves Blue 2.5x10" 500/bx - MARK3

Air and Water Syringe Blue Extra-Protection Plastic Sleeves by MARK3

Syringe Tip Covers 100/Bx- Palmero

Syringe Tip Covers are single use non-latex efficient barriers that can be used with any air/water syringes with easy clean up after each patient

Air Water Syringe Sleeves 2.5x10 500/bx - MARK3

Cargos Air/Water Syringe 2.5X10” Sleeves for protective hygienic rinse and dry experience

Curing Light Sleeves for Ledex 100/pk - Dentmate

Dentmate Protective Curing Light Sleeves for Ledex

T Style Light Handle Sleeves 4" x 5-3/4" 500/bx MARK3

T Style Light Handle Sleeves offers an excellent infection control barrier for T-style light handles during operative procedures

Barrier Film 4x6 1200/roll - MARK3

Looking for surface control barrier that has been proved to be no adhesive and ideal for use for places that are difficult to sterilize and clean. By the fact that it is easy to remove, apply and leave no residue makes MARK3 barrier film the best dental material to purchase.
From $24.25

Bite Block Covers Disposable 1000/Bx - Palmero

Bite Block Covers Disposable offer convenience and infection control barriers to be used with Siemens machine and panoramic x-ray dental bite blocks.

Plastic Tray Sleeves

Disposable clear plastic sleeves replace paper tray covers and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Secure open lock-top design.
From $17.95

Barrier Film 4x6 1500/roll - Adenna

ADENNA® barrier films consist of 1,500 pieces of 4” x 6” perforated sheets per roll, which is 25% more than other brands. They are pre-assembled and are ready for immediate use to save time. The film is made of latex-free polyethylene with a low-tack adhesive that adheres to most surfaces.
From $22.50