Hemostatic Solutions

Infusor Tips Bent 100/pk - MARK3

Infusor Tips Bent are single use pre-bent yellow tips used for precise delivery of hemostatic solution to the desired intraoral tissue

Bioviva Hemostatic Dressing Gauze

Hemostatic Dressing Gauze in most situations will quickly stop bleeding and promotes wound healing. It is Cost effective, pre-cut, easy to use and apply as well as bio-absorbable.

Hemostat Hemostatic Solution 30cc

Hemostat Hemostatic Solution features non epinephrine formulation and excellent at controlling gingival bleeding during dental procedures

Premier Hemodent Liquid - Premier

Hemodent liquid by premier is the leading hemostatic dental product without epinephrine delivering effective control of gingival bleeding
From $17.49

Surgifoam Gelatin Sponge

Sterile, water insoluble, malleable porcine gelatin absorbable sponge, intended for hemostatic use by applying to a bleeding surface.
From $118.50

Racellet Pellets

Racellet cotton pellets with reduced epinephrine assists in retraction. The soft pellets are activated by normal tissue moisture.
From $29.99