Bur Accessories

Bur Blocks 30 Holes

Bur Blocks 30 Holes are great bur holders that can be autoclaved and made from durable aluminum material for your operative needs

Bur Blocks Magnetic 24 Hole

24-Hole Magnetic Bur Blocks for easy access, secure storage of burs

Bur Blocks 15 Holes Blue

15-hole bur block for safe customizable storage of surgical burs

Clean-A-Diamond - Premier

Use the Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Square™ or Dressing Stone chairside to unclog your coarse and medium grit diamonds to extend life and restore rapid cutting. Prolong the cutting life of your diamonds. Autoclavable, reusable and easily handheld Recommended for coarse and medium grit prep burs
From $19.75

Mesh bur and diamond holder

Holds diamonds, burs and other small items. For use in autoclaves and ultrasonics. Stainless steel.
From $12.50