Labstone Buff

Dental Stone is a hard, quick setting, accurate laboratory stone. Compressive strength: 8,000 psi Initial set time: 8-10 minutes
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DCL-90 Spray Lubricant/Cleaner - Johnson Promident

Johnson Promident DCL 90 premium synthetic Lubricator & Cleaner is a multifunctional degreaser, cleaner and lubricating conditioner

Premium Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaning Spray - Johnson Promident

Johnson Promident Premium Handpiece Synthetic Lubricant and Cleaning Spray 500ml Spray Can

Ivoclean Universal Cleaning Paste, 5 g Bottle

Effectively cleans bonding surfaces or prosthetic restorations immediately prior to luting for optimum adhesion cutting and handling. Works in 20 seconds before being rinsed and dried away. Compatible with all types of restorative materials including ceramics, alloys and composites