Biological Monitors

Attest Biological Indicator

In-House Biological Monitoring System. Comes with 25 indicators
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Confirm 24 Biological Monitor Indicators

In-office system for monitoring steam sterilizers. Easy to use and interpret. Results in 24 hours. Simply process vial in a normal sterilizer cycle. Then activate vial, incubate, and record results. If any spores survive the process, the vial medium will turn yellow. Incubator is 110 volts and holds up to 14 indicators.
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Confirm 10 In-Office Biological Indicators - 25/Pk

Steam Biological Indicators 25/Pk. A breakthrough in biological monitoring - results in just 10 hours. Indicators containing bacterial spores are processed in a normal sterilizer cycle then placed in an incubator. Easy-to-read results are available in 10 hours. Will work in your Hu Friedy incubator as well.

Dental waterline testing service

collect water samples from each dental unit put filled vial into refrigerated mailer pack. Results are sent electronically after 4 days.
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