Gracey EverEdge Curettes - Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy offers Gracey EverEdge Curettes as the sharpest scalers on the market with longer instrument life compared to other scalers
From $36.75

Gracey Curette - Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy leading dental manufacturers offers versatile range of Gracey Curettes with seamless designed corrosion resistant blade angulation to suit your dental clinical needs
From $31.49

Columbia Curette - Hu-Friedy

Columbia curettes have a two-sided edge and a round toe that is meant for use on many surfaces. They are sharp courtesy of the fine alloy used to make it. They use an advanced heat treatment process. An example is the EverEdge® 2.0 curette from Hu-Friedy which is scientifically proven to be 72% more sharp in comparison to the closest competitor.
From $31.49

Big Easy Ultralite Gracey Curette - Premier Dental

This are the only scalers and curettes that combine a handle made of resin with the medical grade silicon grips. This combination make this equipment light and avoids squeezing too tightly. They are used for scaling and periodontal debridement.
From $30.95

Big Easy Ultralite Columbia Curette - Premier Dental

This equipment hallmark is the ability to have the medical grade silicon grips that is thick and soft which is embedded on the resin handle. This combination makes this scalers and curettes light and they avoid squeezing because of the feedback relay system by use of the resilient cushion grips.
From $30.95