Polyether Impression Material

Impregum F Catalyst Only - 3M/ESPE

Impregum F Catalyst is designed to be manually mixed with Impregum F base paste excellent for indirect restorations as well as with monophase technique

Impregum F Double Package - 3M ESPE

Impregum F is designed as a medium body polyether dental impression material mixed manually and ideal for all indirect impression technique as well as monophase technique

Impregum Penta Medium Body (double pack) - 3M ESPE

Impregum Penta Medium Body achieves accurate and precise impression of final indirect restorations even in presence of moisture every single time

Impregum Penta Soft Medium Body Refill - 3M ESPE

Impregum Penta Soft Medium Body delivers exceptional accurate and precise impressions resulting in superior fitting final indirect dental restorations with minimal adjustment

Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack – 3M ESPE

Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack offers a superior polyether dental impression material used with Garant delivery system for generating precise indirect dental impressions

Permadyne Penta L Refill Ea - 3M/ESPE

Permadyne Penta L provides superior accurate dental impressions even in presence of intraoral moisture.

Permadyne Syringe Type L.B. – 3M ESPE

Permadyne Syringe Type L.B. delivers a hand mixed polyether dental impression material indicated for generating accurate and detailed dental impressions

Polyether Tray Adhesive Impregum – 3M ESPE

Polyether Tray Adhesive Impregum delivers strong bond between dental tray and the polyether impression material