VPS Impression Material

Express STD Putty 610ml/Pk - 3M ESPE

Express STD Putty is multipurpose impression putty with ease of manual handling providing a firm set putty for all crown and bridge as well as other indirect restoratives

Flexitime VPS Impression Material - Heraeus Kulzer

Flexitime VPS Impression Material - Heraeus Kulzer
From $45.95

Genie VPS Impression Material 2/pk - Sultan Healthcare

Genie VPS Impression Material produces exceptionally accurate and detailed impressions with a huge range of trays and wash materials available for any clinical application
From $35.95

Exafast NDS 48mL 2/Bx - GC America

EXAFAST has an improved accuracy and it gives patients comfort. It takes less than a minute to extrude the material from the cartridge. The productivity is increased because it cures in 1 minute saving time for the dentist and the distortions on the patients are reduced.
From $28.50

Examix NDS w/ Tips 48mL - GC America

Why would you look back when you have Examix NDS solution that can be used for multiple pours and has danger of bubbles because of the patented hydrogen formula. It has no slumping and as a result you will not experience distortion in the mouth. It has no taste and has no smell and it augurs well with disinfectant solutions.
From $33.95

Aquasil Ultra

When your cases are critical, you need consistently precise performance. No matter what the application or your procedural preference is, Aquasil Ultra's wide range of products accommodates you.
From $114.95

Imprint 4 Garant

Refill Packs include 4 x 50ml cartridges, 10 large mixing tips
Penta Value Pack includes Regular Set VPS 6 - 300 mL Base Paste and 6 - 60 mL Catalyst.
From $113.99

Imprint 3 Garant

From $102.95

Aquasil Ultra Xtra

Provides ample syringing time, with faster mouth removal than other polyether impression materials

Aquasil Ultra Xtra Deca tray standard pack contains: 2 x 380ml cartridges tray material, 20 Dynamic mixing tips, 1 bayonet locking ring.
From $39.50

Imprint 4 Penta

Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material delivers precise impression results. It also offers dentists and patients a quick setting time.
From $229.99

Extrude Extra

Vinyl polysiloxane cartridge material. Extrude's heavy-bodied material is thixotropic and won't slump in the tray; drives Extrude's light-bodied syringe materials subgingivally for ideal tissue displacement and excellent detail.
From $58.99

CutterSil Putty Plus (white) 900ml tub

Silicone impression material. Contaminants from gloves or retraction materials do not affect setting time.

Regisil Rigid 4-pack refill (yellow)

30 second working time, 1 minute procedure time.