Core Materials

Take the hassle out of searching for the best core materials at low prices. We understand cosmetic and prosthodontic treatment can be very expensive procedure and quality is important to ensure successful clinical outcome. For this reason, we have ensured that our dental core materials for core build-up are sourced from the finest and best quality dental manufacturers at lowest prices possible direct to dental professionals. Check our range of dental core materials and compare our prices with our competitors to recognize quality and affordability.

Core Paste

Core Paste & Core Paste XP is a creamy, radiopaque core build-up material developed specifically for high-strength, reliable core build-ups, integral post and core procedures, cementation of post, repairing and preventing split roots and esthetic posterior restorations.
From $7.75

Hardcore - Pulpdent

Hardcore - Pulpdent
From $44.95

Premier Compcore AF Syringe Stack

Compcore AF syringe stack delivers simple and quick dispensing of the dual cured radiopaque core material for application in in both vital or non-vital teeth
From $99.95

Premier CompCore Single Shade Kit 28gm

CompCore Single Shade kit includes dual-cure CompCore Single shade formulation in natural or white shade suitable for any core-build up on anterior or posterior teeth
From $108.24

Applicator Gun Type 25 1:1/2:1

Compcore Applicator Gun features an automix gun for dispensing Compcore AF composite as well as dual cure buildup material 50ml cartridges Type-25

Luxacore Dual & Smartmix - DMG

Luxacore Dual Smartmix is a new innovative version of LuxaCore Automix core build-up material delivering high strength and allowing for increased working time for all your clinical procedures
From $134.95

Premier Compcore AF Dual Cure Refill

Compcore AF Dual Cure Refill kit contains the award winning core material dual-cure Compcore AF which offers superior handling and physical properties for long-term clinical success.
From $154.95

Ketac Silver Aplicap Standard Pk 50/bx - 3M/ESPE

Ketac Silver Aplicap Standard offers silver-reinforced Glass Ionomer materials for core build-ups with a convenient easy to use delivery system

Core Material T-Style Mixing Tips

Core Material T-Mix Tips are high performance for core material. Also includes 25 regular clear intra-oral tips.
From $33.99

Ketac Fil Plus Aplicap

Radiopaque glass ionomer filling material in the Aplicap delivery system. Offers high fluoride release and a molecular bond to enamel and dentin to guarantee a tight marginal seal.
From $302.95

Ti-Core Auto E automix mixing and intraoral tips 20/pkg

Dual-cure flowable composite core material in a hand-held automix syringe. Reinforced with lanthanide to achieve compressive strength similar to dentin. Resists ditching and grooving during preparation. Proven 5-year fluoride release. Natural tooth shade (A2).