Mixing Tips

HP Mixing Tips - MARK3

HP Mixing Tips deliver no mess no fuss clean and effortless mixing results for all dental impression techniques
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Intraoral Tips 100-Pk

Intraoral Tips are single use mixing tips offering precise dispensing of impression material especially interproximal areas for accurate duplication of tooth margins during clinical procedures

Dynamic Yellow Mixing Tips 50/bg

Dynamic Yellow Mixing Tips are ideal for use with automatic Dynamic mixing systems and use of 380ml dental Impression cartridges

Dynamic Penta Red Mixing Tips 50/pk

Dynamic Penta Red Mixing Tips offer quality and high performance mixing impression tips identical to the 3M product with a difference of unbeatable lower prices

T-Mix Mixing Tips 48/pk

T-Style Mixing Tips are a high quality mixing tip made for improved extrusion of material with minimizing material waste. These shorter tips are easier to handle with providing no change to procedures. Made for use with 50ml dual barrel 1:1 cartridges for impression or bite registration material.
From $32.00