Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Luxatemp Ultra Cartridge 76gm- DMG

Luxatemp Ultra material offers exceptional esthetics, durability and stability combined with precise marginal fit ideal for fabrication of temporaries for crown and bridge.
From $184.99

Jet Tooth Shade™ - Lang

Jet Tooth Shade offers strong and stable temporary crowns from self-cured acrylic resin material efficiently and effectively
From $22.95

Alike™ - GC America

ALIKE is a bridge resin that cures in a span of 5-6 minutes. It is easy to place and it tight grip maintains a tight seal on the support teeth till you have the final tooth restoration.
From $27.49

Protemp 4 Garant Refill Pack - 3M ESPE

Protemp 4 Garant Refill Pack offers exceptional esthetics, fit, ease of handling and biocompatibility with higher strength that previous Protemp materials
From $114.95

Luxatemp Automix Plus - DMG

Luxatemp Automix Plus system offers accurate temporary restorations with precise marginal integrity and minimal shrinkage during placement and comes with 30% more original Automix material
From $199.99

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge 50ml 10:1 Cartridge

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge 50ml 10:1 Cartridge
From $98.50


TempSpan is highly durable and has great esthetics! Light cure in 60 seconds or bench cure in 2 minutes. Refills contain 1 x 80g (50ml) cartridge and 15 mixing tips.
From $49.50

Integrity Multi-Cure

Provisional material offers 30% reduced procedure time through dual cure capability compared to original Integrity material, yet possesses the same ease of fabrication, ease of repair, and polishability. Provides durable results due to its wear resistance and improved flexural strength. Working time 0' 45" Intraoral setting time 1' 30"
From $212.75

Protemp Plus - 3M

Automix bis-acrylic temporary material for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and long-term temporization. Highest fracture resistance on the market – suitable for long-term temporization. A smooth surface from the beginning allows a natural shine without polishing or glaze – simply clean the surface with alcohol. Sophisticated filler technology provides strength and esthetics. Easy plaque removal to support gingival health. Six fluorescent shades to match Filtek Supreme Ultra restorative. Uses DS 50 or DS 74 guns marked 4:1/10:1.
From $205.50