Temporary Cements

IRM Restorative Material - Dentsply

IRM is a multipurpose intermediate dental restorative material ideal for emergency cases, caries management and other restorative applications available as Ivory complete package
From $42.95

TempBond - Kerr

TempBond dental cement delivers high strength, reduced microleakage and ease of handling for all temporary dental restorative needs
From $54.95

Integrity TempGrip

Temporary Crown and Bridge Cement, Non-eugenol that allows quick and easy removal. The refill package contains: 20 automix tips and 2 x 9g syringes.
From $25.00

ZOE B&T Fill Material

ZOE B&T® Base and Temporary Filling Material is a polymer-reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol composition restorative material designed for intermediate restorations intended to remain in place for no longer than one year.
From $17.25

RelyX Ultimate

RelyX Ultimate dual cure adhesive resin cement offers high wear resistance for a secure marginal seal over the lifetime of your restorations. Its durable color stability and tooth-like fluorescence create natural esthetics you'll be proud of.
From $39.25

Zone - Pentron

Zone Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement - Regular Shade 15 Gm. Dual Syringe. Hard-setting, crystalline zinc oxide, non-eugenol cement. Optimal for temporary cementing of crowns, bridges, and all provisional needs.
From $11.95