Glass Ionomer Cements

ProGlass One Kit Powder & Liquid - Silmet

ProGlass One Powder & Liquid is an exceptional restorative material for long term cementation of indirect restoratives as well as orthodontic brackets

Proglass Silver - Silmet

Proglass Silver features high abrasion resistance combined with fluoride release offering versatile clinical applications

ProGlass Plus Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer cement - Silmet

ProGlass Plus Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer cement is comparable to Fuji Plus and ideal for final indirect restorations such as crowns, bridges and other fixed dental prostheses

ProGlass Nine GI Capsules A2 50/pk - Silmet

ProGlass Nine GI Capsules in A2 shade offers versatile esthetic and high fluoride glass Ionomer as a long term strong restorative material for use in both deciduous and adult teeth

RelyX Luting Plus Clicker Refill Kit 2/Pk - 3M/ESPE

RelyX Luting Plus Clicker cement formulation delivers easily mixed paste for a natural colour finish suitable for all indirect restoratives

RelyX Luting Cement Kit - 3M/ESPE

RelyX Luting Cement is designed as a fast setting hybrid glass ionomer cement with superior strength and ease of handling for all indirect restoratives.

FujiCem 2

FujiCem 2 Automix Refill offers superior strength with fluoride release luting cement suitable for indirect restorations requiring precision and excellent marginal integrity.
From $33.99

Vitrebond Plus Clicker 2/pk - 3M ESPE

Vitrebond Plus Clicker offers advantages of glass ionomer cements by superior adhesion to tooth surfaces and releasing fluoride continuously with convenience of the clicker dispensing system

Ketac Cem Aplicap - 3M/ESPE

Ketac Cem Aplicap a 3M/ESPE product features a silver glass ionomer with long lasting fluoride release and available in a convenient capsule delivery system
From $228.95

Vitrebond Liquid 5.5ml-Bt

Vitrebond Liquid offers high performance liner combining high bond strength, less post-op sensitivity and efficient delivery for all direct restorative needs

Vitrebond Introductory Package 3M/ESPE

Vitrebond Introductory Package delivers a high fluoride light-cured material combined with superior bond strength for adhesion of tooth structure to all types of direct restorative materials

Ketac-Cem Cement - 3M ESPE

Ketac-Cem Cement by 3M ESPE, features a silver glass ionomer with high durability, fluoride release and superior bond strength for superior long term clinical results
From $48.99

RelyX Luting Plus Syringe Value Pack

The value pack contains 3 x 8.5g (5ml) automix syringes, and 36 automix tips,

Fuji Plus

Multi-purpose Glass Ionomer Cement
From $69.50

Nexus RMGI standard kit

Working time is 1.5 minutes and intraoral set time is less than 4.5 minutes