MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar

MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel offers long lasting effects and easier application with great flavours for patient compliance.
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Topicale Anesthetics - Premier

Topicale Anesthetics - Premier
From $13.50

Topicale Xtra 1oz Anesthetic Gel - Premier

Topicale Xtra 1oz Anesthetic Gel - Premier
From $7.49

Hurricaine Topicals

20% benzocaine. Great topical with great flavors!
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Oraqix is a topical anesthetic that contains 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5%Prilocaine. Oraqix is a needle free anesthetic that absorbs locally. A Oraqix dispenser is required for application.
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Lidocaine Ointment - 50g Jar

Lidocaine ointment USP 5%, amide-based topical anesthetic designed to improve patient comfort before anesthetic injection and during the dental procedure. Pleasant mint flavor.

Topex Topical Gel

Active ingredient 20% benzocaine.
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From $101.50