Occlusal & Pressure Indicators

Occlude Aerosol Powder 23gm/Cn - Pascal

Occlude Aerosol Powder is ideal for both in surgery and lab use as a dental spray used to accurately mark high spots and adjust both restorations and fixed or removable prostheses.
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Pressure indicator Paste (pip) 2.25oz - Mark3

Pressure indicator Paste delivers ease of handling and accurate application to identify high pressure denture spots that cause discomfort

PIP Brushes 12/pk

PIP Pressure indicating brushes by Mizzy. Great accessory to your PIP paste! Made in the USA!

Bite wafers - Hygenic

Blue, foil-laminated: Aluminum foil is laminated between two U-shaped layers of soft bite wax. Lessens distortion and prevents patients from biting through the wafer. Yellow, no foil: Single layer of soft bite U-shaped wax designed to adapt to the dental arch. Provides quick, precise bite-checks.
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Dr. Thompson's color transfer applicators

Simple and effective method for achieving color transfers from irritated areas under dentures. Applicators are disposable.

Coe Check-Bite

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