Impression Trays

Tra-Tens - Disposable Impression Trays 12/bg - Waterpik

Tra-Tens - Disposable Impression Trays offer superior mechanical retention of dental impression materials due to fully perforated pattern available in nine different sizes
From $9.25

Tray Aways - Disposable Impression Trays - Bosworth

Tray Aways Disposable Impression Trays are rigid dental trays with maximum retentive design used to generate predictable and highly accurate reproductions with any dental impression material
From $13.25

Boxing Wax 1Lb - Heraeus Kulzer

This modern wax is made from natural materials such as, paraffin, carnauba, microcrystalline and beeswax. The “X- thin” red wax adapts with ease on the impression tray. It is doesn’t require softening during cleaning because it is not too sticky.
From $27.95

Periphery Wax Sticks 60/Bx - Heraeus Kulzer

Periphery Wax Sticks ideal for use as post-dam or lining the periphery of dental trays and with any impression material


Triple bite disposable impression trays. Golden Mesh™ technology provides virtually tear proof material. KR plastic technology for strength. Trays come in fun colors.
From $49.99