Surface Disinfectant

Cavicide Disinfectant - Metrex

Its wide area of use in laboratories, operating rooms and isolation room makes this intermediate level disinfectant from Metrex have a good utility. It is known to combat TB, bacteria and fungi on porous and non-porous surface. The disinfectant is multipurpose can be used for cleaning medical equipment and surfaces too.
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Caviwipes Towelettes – Metrex

This towels are ideal for operating room, laboratories and surgical centers. It has a dual purpose in that it is a disinfectant and a cleaner. The reason why you should shop for Caviwipes towelettes is because they are easy to use, they are non-woven, and non-abrasive.
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Birex Disinfectant - Biotrol

BirexSE® is an anti-bacterial liquid used for dental surfaces disinfection purpose. It is proven to fight TB, HIV 1, pseudomonas and many more microorganisms. Biotrol boasts a history of being number 1 disinfectant in dentistry.
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Optim 33TB

Optim 33TB is a fast and convenient one-step Bactericidal and virucidal.
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CaviWipes1 Towelettes Large 160/can

Pre-saturated with quaternary alcohol-based surface disinfectant CaviCide1, these multi-purpose disinfectant/decontaminant wipes are safe for use on all hard, non-porous surfaces. Low-alcohol, non-staining.
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